“You and Interaction Design” meeting report

Milan 20/04/2014
Hi all,
following the (late) Meeting Report of our first IDF Milan event “You and Interaction Design”. First of all I want to thank you all because it was amazing. You were so interested and positive.

Our discussion was focused on:

  1. the group’s activities
  2. building a shared UXD vocabulary

You and Interaction Design flyer

– Group’s activities
Our objectives are learningnetworking and gaining visibility thanks to the IDF promotion.
All of us agreed that a practical approach is the best way to reach these objectives.
Here a list of the proposed activities:
  • personal works comparisons
  • IDF Milan members workshops (we hope to host some IDF worldwide member too)
  • project analysis (analyze a site/app and post on the web the results)
  • Startup UX mentorship (help Startups to improve their user experience)
  • participate to competitions
  • closed beta tests
– Shared vocabulary
Some of the participants asked to the group to define some important terms like UX, UI, ID etc. These definitions will be useful to create a common vocabulary, so I created a Google Form where we can write our thoughts. When we’ll complete the form, we’ll prepare an infographic that will be a sort of IDF MIlan Manifesto or simply the starting point of our Knowledge Base.
– Next steps
For the next event we already received a great proposal by Marco Buonvino. He asked us to organize a UX discussion on his startup FlytheGap (http://www.flythegap.com). I think that working on a real project talking directly to the project’s creators, could be really useful. He will describe us his the meeting idea soon.
For promoting IDF Milan and searching for a location sponsor, I’ll write a sort of press release. I’ll appreciate your help for sharing the document.
For the same reason I decided to open a “wordpress.com” site where we’ll post all our works. I opened a site because I think that it is the most professional and sharableplatform for our contents. Please, help me in writing contents and setupping the design. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time, so I’ll appreciate all your help 🙂
In the near future I need to be more active on Twitter (https://twitter.com/IDF_Milan) and sharing an official ashtag for all our events/activities. For the internal group’s communication we can continue using the Facebook group. It is faster and easier than the LinkedIn one.
Feel free to contact me for feedbacks, comments and  more. I hope that you understood that I want to build something really useful for all of us.
Keep in touch and thank you.






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