“Interaction Design at Work” event on 14th of June

We are pleased to announce our second IDF Milan event “Interaction Design at work”.
Saturday 14th of June we’ll meet the Flythegap design team. They will introduce us their platform and their Interaction Design project.

Logo flythegap _ official

Flythegap focuses on how to use new technology to enhance the effectiveness of social impact projects, by allowing its users to create new models of interaction and sustainability around their ideas. It’s going to be a cross-sector platform, and for this reason, the UX and interaction design of Flythegap is tremendously delicate.

This event aims to merge Flythegap’s mission with IDF expertise:  we will be able to put our hands on the FTG User Experience core documents and we will discuss them side-by-side with the team.

This is a workshop IDF Milan people!
This is user test Flythegap design team!
It’s a cllective design session!


“Interaction Design at work” the second IDF MIlan event
Saturday 14th of June, from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm
at Early Morning, Via dei Valtorta 5, Milan (Turro stop, M1 Red line) 
(event is completely free of charge)

Our event will be kindly hosted at Early Morning office space.


Due organizational reasons, we decided to accept just the first 25 participants so please, contact us if you can’t come. You’ll free your place to another IDF Milan friend.

Eventbrite - Interaction Design at Work

Learn more about IDF Milan.
Learn more about Flythegap



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