Athletes go digital – IDF Milano workshop on November 8th

Have you ever practiced sport. Have you ever been a part of a Volleyball, Soccer or Basketball team?

If you were, you know how important is sharing your results for finding a team or being scouted. The startup founded by Antonella Miano, Giovanni Villa and Emiliano Schiaroli will create a sharing and communication platform for athletes and Sports Clubs.

On their project athletes can share their profiles, their results and all their sport related contents. At the same time the Sports Clubs and the agents will have the opportunity to create Teams groups, make online recruiting and scouting.

The founders asked to IDF Milan to help them to design two important functions of the platform: – the announcements board (how to create/render a post) – the search engine results pages (how to visualize/filter the results)

The workshop will take place on Saturday November 8th at Early Morning in Via Valtorta 5, starting at 9.30.
The workshop program is:
– 10:00 founders and platform introduction
– 10:45 personas description
– 11:15 Q/A
– 11:45 Team works
– 12:30 Team works presentations

The startup is closing the development of the platform. This mean that we’ll directly impact on the launch of an Italian Digital Company that we hope will disrupt the Sport world. Join us and you will be a part of this disruption. Eventbrite - Athletes goes digital - IDF Milano workshop on November 8th

The workshop participation is completely free. Reserve your place on Eventbrite. After the event we will go to eat a pizza together. Join us for lunch too. For any information contact the Local Leader Antonio Patti.


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