Athletes go digital report – IDF Milan

Athletes go Digital was the 5th IDF Milan workshop and the third event that we organized in collaboration with an Italian Startup.

During a warm Saturday of November, Antonella, Giovanni and Emiliano (that couldn’t join) told us about their startup focused on sports like Volleybal, Basket, Rugby and Waterpolo. Their platform is designed for satisfying the communication and the management needs of sport teams and athletes.

The first release of the platform will focus the Volleyball teams. During the founders presentation, we discovered an high level of complexity that goes beyond the simple Volleyball leagues. At first we should discuss some platform’s functions, but during the Questions&Answers session we decided to switch on something different.

We analyzed the Volleyball world and all the personas that live, work and play around it. Then we deigned a minimum viable product asking the founders for a business validation. During the team works, the two teams worked on two different aspects of the platform. The first group made an home page concept designed for all the potential users. The second group wrote down a list of functions that could help the adoption and the use of the platform in the after the launch.

The results of the workshop were really positive.
The founders discussed their project facing our UX design oriented questions like: “What will see the potential users during the first visit? What will after subscription? How to engage the local teams?”. Beside attendees like me discovered an unknown and complex world that needs a strong digitalization, while the others that played volleyball, confirmed that the founders had a really good idea.

At last we thank Ivan Vaghi for giving us the Early Morning location.

If you are a Startup or a Company interested in hosting an event or a workshop, contact the Local Leader Antonio Patti.


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