IDF Small Talks Aperitivo – June 9th

The IDF Small Talks Aperitivo is the simplest and funniest way to stay in touch, know new people, talk freely and share ideas about UXD.

July 9th, starting 19.30 at La Hora Feliz (via San VIto 5, Milan)
We have already a reserved table outside the bar 😉

Please confirm your presence and share the Facebook event with your interested friends.


For any information feel free to contact the Local Leader Antonio Patti.
See you on Wednesday.

“Interaction Design at Work” event report

Saturday June 14th Flythegap, Interaction Design Foundation Milan Group and Early Morning organised a co-design workshop that saw 25 previously unknown people gathering in a breathtaking location to join a collective UX and interaction design process.

The aim was to have an open and inclusive confrontation on how we could design a process of idea co-creation that could allow people not only to freely express their thoughts on how to improve reality, or a certain situation, but also to make them able to have similar ideas correlated and to cooperate with others to further develop them.

It all started with a commission of a pilot that the Royal Society of Art asked to Flythegap and Adora Foundation to develop, and that our Team took as a great opportunity to collectively design the perfect interactions for making this real in an effective way.


3 partners and 25 attendees later, we were all gathering at the Early Morning headquarters to see what happens when you let people join a cause and spontaneously contribute to something that doesn’t directly involve them but that can become a meaningful tool for a greater number of individuals and organisations.

We had a spontaneous though intense confrontation that led us to talk with each other, reflect, even sketch on napkins in order to outline our solutions and ideas for the RSA pilot. All and each one of the concepts were focused on the human side of online interaction and technology, all them were putting at the very center of everything the human dimension of interactions and the value that comes from trying to invest any kind of resources to create shared value.

Collective design moment

To us, that’s good design: shaping what doesn’t exist to make meaningful things efficiently happen.
This was just the first chapter of what we hope it’s going to be a long and fruitful collaboration between complementary and aligned entities.
Watch the photogallery at the end of the post

“Interaction Design at Work” dream team picture and contacts

The workshop organizers

Flythegap >
Interaction Design Foundation Milan Group
Adora Foundation
Early Morning

Post edited by Margherita Pagani (Fly the Gap founder & CEO)


“Interaction Design at Work” event on 14th of June

We are pleased to announce our second IDF Milan event “Interaction Design at work”.
Saturday 14th of June we’ll meet the Flythegap design team. They will introduce us their platform and their Interaction Design project.

Logo flythegap _ official

Flythegap focuses on how to use new technology to enhance the effectiveness of social impact projects, by allowing its users to create new models of interaction and sustainability around their ideas. It’s going to be a cross-sector platform, and for this reason, the UX and interaction design of Flythegap is tremendously delicate.

This event aims to merge Flythegap’s mission with IDF expertise:  we will be able to put our hands on the FTG User Experience core documents and we will discuss them side-by-side with the team.

This is a workshop IDF Milan people!
This is user test Flythegap design team!
It’s a cllective design session!


“Interaction Design at work” the second IDF MIlan event
Saturday 14th of June, from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm
at Early Morning, Via dei Valtorta 5, Milan (Turro stop, M1 Red line) 
(event is completely free of charge)

Our event will be kindly hosted at Early Morning office space.


Due organizational reasons, we decided to accept just the first 25 participants so please, contact us if you can’t come. You’ll free your place to another IDF Milan friend.

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